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Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center (SRC) is designed to provide tools and information promoting the success of our students academically, personally, and professionally.


ULifeline - an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where college students can be comfortable searching for the information they need and want regarding emotional health.

Self Evaluator - The Self Evaluator was developed for ULifeline by Duke University School of Medicine and screens for thirteen of the most common mental health conditions that college students face. This screening does not provide a diagnosis, but identifies problems that could be impacting thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The screening process also provides information on these conditions and how to reach out for help.

Time Management

  • Effective Time Management - Princeton University
  • Fundamentals of Time and Task Management - Harvard University
  • Making a Personal Schedule - Dartmouth College
  • Managing Time Perspectives and Practices - Harvard University
  • Time Management - Dartmouth College
  • TED Talk: The Psychology of Time
  • TED Talk: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

  • Reading Skills

  • Six Reading Myths - Dartmouth College
  • Pivotal Words - Dartmouth College
  • SQ3R Reading Method - Dartmouth College
  • Using Your Textbook - Dartmouth College

  • Public Speaking

  • Public Speaking Fear Management - Yale University
  • Public Speaking Quick Tips - Harvard University
  • TED Talk: Before Public Speaking Playlist

  • Study Skills

  • Coping with Exam Anxiety - Dartmouth College
  • Retain Information - Dartmouth College
  • Studying Actively - Dartmouth College
  • Studying for the Sciences - Dartmouth College
  • Taking Multiple Choice Tests - Dartmouth College
  • Test Taking for Languages - Dartmouth College
  • TED Talk: Study Techniques Playlist
  • TED Talk: 5 Ways to Listen Better
  • TED Talk: Managing Stress Playlist

  • Note Taking

  • Cornell Note Taking - Dartmouth College
  • Getting the Most out of Math Class - Dartmouth College
  • Sample Note Taking Styles - Dartmouth College
  • Taking Notes - Dartmouth College
  • TED Talk: Cornell Note Taking

  • Writing Lab

    Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Our librarian is available for additional writing support. Please contact Rebecca McClure to schedule an appointment.

    Math Tutoring

    Monday 12:15PM - 5:00PM

    Wednesday 12:15PM - 5:00PM

    Additional hours are available by appointment, please contact Ryan Woodall - - to schedule a time.

    Upcoming Advisement Dates

    February 13 - 17

    April 17 - 21

    Please contact your advisor to schedule an appointment.

    Academic Advising

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