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ACBA students complete one (A.A.S. students) or three (B.A.S. students) summer internships that help them expand their skills and gain valuable real-world experience. Most internships last from eight-to-ten weeks and take place in June and July. Students are often compensated for the work during an internship. The internships vary by area of specialization. It is important that every student understand that it is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative to work with a faculty member in order to arrange suitable internships to complete their program. The A.A.S. internship is required to receive the associate degree; it takes place during the first summer of the two-year program. The B.A.S. requires three internships that are completed during the summers following the freshman, sophomore and junior years of the program. Each internship is required in order to continue work in the subsequent year.

Below is a listing of many of the internship providers that our students use annually. This is not an exhaustive list and should be used as a reference.

List is currently being updated for the 2017-18 Academic Year, please check back soon!

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