The American College of the Building Arts

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Academic Advising

The purpose of Academic Advising is to provide a supportive atmosphere promoting the educational and professional development of the student through advising initiatives.

Expectation of Students

  • Be prepared to discuss your academic and professional goals
  • Communicate when something is interfering with your academic performance
  • Utilize the support services ACBA has in place and follow through with recommendations of your advisor
  • Take initiative and ask questions
  • Inform your advisor of any accommodations you need to be successful
  • Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Take responsibility for your knowledge of academic policies and procedures at ACBA

  • Expectation of Advisors

  • Maintain confidentiality by adhering to FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Recognize that the primary goal of advising is the academic success and professional growth of the student
  • Guide students towards creating meaningful educational plans that correspond with their career and life goals
  • Develop strong, positive relationships between faculty/staff and students that promote the utilization of campus resources
  • Serve as a connection to support services that enhance academic outcomes
  • Provide accurate information about academic policies and procedures
  • Monitor student progress towards degree completion and make appropriate recommendations
  • Be accessible to students and respond to questions in a timely manner

  • Upcoming Advisement Dates

    April 17 - 21

    Please contact your advisor to schedule an appointment.

    Spring Electives

    Advanced Architectural Computer Graphics

    This class will expand upon the skills learned in ARCG 201. The first portion of the semester will focus on developing high quality documentation drawings that meet the requirements of the Historic American Buildings Survey. The completed drawing set will be submitted to HABS, and will compete for the Charles E. Peterson Prize. The second part of the semester will build on the 3D computer modeling skills touched on in the first semester.

    Student Resource Center

    The Student Resource Center (SRC) is designed to provide tools and information promoting the success of our students academically, personally, and professionally.


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